Bird Control Melbourne

Anyone who is outside Australia may be rather surprised at why would anyone want to opt for bird control in Melbourne? Australia is home to some of the dangerous birds, which can be a nuisance in private properties and thus there are services being offered for bird control Melbourne.

While birds are a usually a favoured animal around the globe, in Australia some bird species can be considered a major nuisance for residential areas as well as official workspaces. It has been noted that majority of the pest birds access most premises through a damaged roof or loading bay areas. They are particularly known to:

  • Cause great damage to properties by displacing the roof tiles, obstructing drainage, building nests all over the place along with the issue of droppings that can potentially corrode the material of the building.
  • These birds can be aggressive at times and have the potential to attack employees and customers particularly in the season of breeding because birds are very sensitive and are defending their offspring.
  • Cause diseases due to carrying fleas, lice, ticks, mites and various other insects, which are known to bite and spread diseases that can often pose a severe risk to one’s health.

This is precisely the reason it is rather wise to adopt expert bird-control measures in order to avoid health risks that are associated with pest birds. At Pest Disturbers, we have perfected the skill of bird control and our years of experience have enabled us to offer an array of cost effective, discreet and humane control measures, which will not harm the birds but protect you, your home and your business from them.

Signs of a Bird Infestation

Your home or workplace could be the ideal habitat for pest birds to thrive in without you even knowing. Birds need very less to survive in; pigeons are known to be able to thrive in almost all kinds of environments where they can get access to food even if it is a very small amount. They need the smallest place of shelter in order to make nests and live in them. The reason why profession bird-control services are advised is that they are known to be able to provide operative and tactful solutions to all bird problems.

Common Bird Infestation Signs

In order to reduce the time that is needed to effectively control pest birds one needs to recognise the symptoms and signs of a serious problem and get an immediate solution to it. Here are some signs that one must always be aware of

  • Bird noises
  • Bird nests
  • Droppings
  • Birds settling on roofs or ledges
  • Damaged stock
  • Debris from nests and feathers


Where to look for bird problems

  • Flat roofs and tall buildings
  • Chimneys, balconies, ledges, gutters and culverts are some of the popular areas for bird nests
  • Flat roofs are extremely popular for seagulls
  • Gaps wider than 25mm that allows access to pigeons to enter buildings and homes
  • Roof spaces are specifically preferred by pigeons

Reasons to contact Pest Disturbers your pest control expert.

With 10 Years of experience in pest control-this brings peace of mind as we know how to take care of your situation.

We are your pest professionals and are fully trained to understand your immediate issue and investigate the cause of the problem to prevent in future.

Pest Disturbers staff are fully qualified, licensed pest controllers and follow Australian standards.

Our experience allows us to be very careful inside your house and work with family members, to achieve the desired outcome-the removal of pests.