Ant Control Melbourne

Ant Control Melbourne has become a major issue in this part of Australia since most species of ants thrive in hot climates and sunny environments. This is what makes Melbourne a perfect location to grow and flourish for the ants. The world has almost 15,000 species of ant and it is rather interesting to know that Australia is known to have more than 1,300 known species, which is a lot for one country.

Ants are a major nuisance! Whether it is a public space, office or one’s home but they are more of a trouble for homes with small children especially. At homes, nobody wants ants to be roaming around the kitchen or marching their way into your food cupboards or even wardrobes. The problem with them is, once they enter a space, they cannot be controlled. They travel long distances and sneak in just about anywhere. Not only do they cluster around food sources but will march around the entire space just in search for food and become nothing short of a pain even though black ants or garden ants cannot carry diseases.

Facts, Identification & Control of Ants

There is absolutely no denying the fact that ant control can be extremely difficult at times especially for those who have not dealt with a situation like this before. However, it is not an impossible task and here are some precautionary measures that we advise everyone to do.

  • Entry: One must understand that ants are small creatures, which can enter home seven through the smallest holes and cracks in search for water and food.
  • Scent trails: Another interesting fact about ants is that they leave behind a chemical trail, which is invisible to the human eye but it includes pheromones that allows other ants to follow.
  • Nest locations: Ants have the ability to nest just about anywhere in homes.
  • Colony size: A colony can be as huge as 300,000 to 500,000.
  • Colony Lifetime: While many may not believe, the life of a colony can be pretty long. Worker ants are known to be able to live for up to seven years whereas the queen ant can live for longer, at times even 15 years.

What we can do for ant extermination

At Pest Disturbers we understand how much of a pain ants are and have the perfect solution for ant removal from commercial spaces as well as residences. We not only try to eliminate the problem from the front but believe in solving the issue from the bottom. Thus, we track down to the area where ants enter the space and seal the entry point perfectly so that more ants cannot enter. We have ant controls, which are used to make sure the existing ones are dead and also to remove any residues on spaces where ants may come. This is because sweet things attract ants. We also make sure to cover up anything that could act as a source of food for ants. This helps greatly in curing an ant situation at most homes. We also advise our clients and give them proper knowledge on how to avoid such a situation in the near future. Educating and enlightening our customers helps them cure ant problems in the future.

Reasons to contact Pest Disturbers your pest control expert.

With 10 Years of experience in pest control-this brings peace of mind as we know how to take care of your situation.

We are your pest professionals and are fully trained to understand your immediate issue and investigate the cause of the problem to prevent in future.

Pest Disturbers staff are fully qualified, licensed pest controllers and follow Australian standards.

Our experience allows us to be very careful inside your house and work with family members, to achieve the desired outcome-the removal of pests.