Pest free Environment

Government Buildings

Government buildings that are workplaces or have an architectural or a heritage value are subjected to constant traffic. With the number of visitors that go in and out of buildings, it is highly recommended to have a cleaning service that cleans up the floors, stair railings and other building infrastructure components at regular intervals.

With the dirt that can get accumulated due to usage of the government buildings, they get susceptible to pest attacks. These pests include rodents such as rats and mice, insects such as cockroaches, spiders, flies and mosquitoes and birds as well. It is not a bother if you spot one odd spider once in a while on your ceilings or walls. But when these pests increase in number, they become a nuisance!

Not only can they bite the visitors, these pests leave faeces behind that become a source for spreading infectious diseases by contaminating the area. Just cleaning the place and getting rid of faeces is not enough – it is important to disinfect the place so that it becomes hygienic once again.

Serious pest issues such as termites actually cause harm to the structure of the building and reduce its life. For this matter, you need a reputed company such as Pest Disturbers to design and implement an effective pest control program to get rid of pests from your government building. To make sure none of the sprays aggravate allergies, the pest control program designed by us includes usage of pesticides that do not contain any harmful chemicals.



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