Pest free Environment

Dairy Factory

A dairy factory is the place where all those delicious dairy products are made including butter, yogurt, skimmed milk and powdered milk. As the owner of a dairy factory, you must find pleasure in manufacturing and distributing these most loved dairy products that provide the required nutrition to so many people out there.

Food attracts the attention of pests so wherever there is food there are chances of pests being present. As a provider of food items, it is your responsibility to keep your dairy factory free from pests so you can ensure that the production process continues to be executed in a hygienic environment and the dairy products that leave your factory are fit for consumption.

A dairy factory has numerous places where pests can hide and build a habitat for themselves. Once you close your factory for the day, they come out from their hiding spots to nibble on the food items.

In order to avoid food getting contaminated and becoming a source of disease, it is highly essential for you to arrange for pest control inside your dairy factory. A good pest control program has three purposes:

  1. To eliminate the hiding places inside the dairy factory where pests normally take shelter
  2. To create a mechanism which discourages pests from entering the factory and
  3. To get rid of pests that get to enter the factory.

Pest Disturbers are specialists in providing pest control services to various domestic and commercial clients. We can get rid of all kinds of pests from your dairy factory, including birdsbees, flies, rodents and others.



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