RESIDENTIAL & Domestic Pest Control

We offer customised plans for all residential pest control in Melbourne. We understand that every household is unique with different needs and preferences.

COMMERCIAL pest free environment

The most important factor that makes a good work place is a pest free and clean environment. No matter how old or new the building.

INSPECTION assessment of a property

Our experts only look for termite activity in and around the property. This could be a live infestation, potential signs and maybe a history of termite infestation..


Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd is a renowned business, we pride oursleves on our friendly, quality and knowledgable service. We believe in building lasting relationships with our valuable clients.

Eco Pest Control Melbourne

All of our friendly technicians are fully qualified and licensed, as well as holding a current Victorian Police check. Our service is thorough and efficient, meaning we are highly competitive on price,
As pest control experts in Melbourne, we will make sure our services free your homes and commercial set-ups from pests for a longer duration, so you can go about following your daily routine without any disruptions from pests. If your home is infested with pests, they can become a source of nuisance and can worry your children as well. If your business is invaded by pests, they can discourage customers from doing business with you and really be harmful for your reputation. Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd can save you from pest troubles by providing you effective, prompt and efficient pest control services anywhere in Melbourne.
As a responsible provider of pest control services in Melbourne, we want to make sure that neither you nor the environment is exposed to any danger in the execution of Melbourne pest control. For ensuring that your safety and that of the surrounding environment remains intact, we specialize in providing eco pest control services in Melbourne. We use eco-friendly substances, methods and equipment to get rid of pests from your homes and businesses in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Each job is executed in a highly professional manner, following standard practices, well defined procedures and the best quality eco-friendly material.


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Pest Disturbers is one of the leading pest control companies in Melbourne

Home Pest Control

Our staff is highly qualified and professionally trained to use the safest and latest techniques of pest removal, whether we are in the middle of providing home pest control or commercial pest control to our clients in Melbourne. Our staff comprises of courteous and friendly individuals, who are readily available to answer any queries you may have regarding our services of pest control in Melbourne.

We understand that a bee or a wasp’s hive, a mouse running around your home or any other similar occupancy of a pest in your home or business poses health risks to you and others. This is why we aim at providing quick, prompt and swift pest control to our clients in Melbourne. So whether you require us to provide you home pest control in Melbourne or commercial pest control, just give us a call at or send an email to Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd!

One of the leading pest control companies in Melbourne



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