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Your home is your sanctuary – it is a place where you find peace and relaxation from the outside struggles. After a long day at work you must look forward to de-stressing and getting rejuvenated at home. But what if you come home and find out that you have unpleasant company?

Imagine your shock at entering your home and finding a rat or a mouse waiting for you, quickly nibbling away at the packet of crackers you were planning to have with your favourite dip while watching the night’s news? And then you start wondering what else the pest got their claws into!

Pests in residential properties are a complete nuisance, spreading their germs in clothes, food items, utensils, shoes, cupboards, cabinets, etc. Not only do they disturb your lives, they also become a source of embarrassment in front of guests. They generally disgust you with the faeces they leave behind. The ones that bite raise other concerns as well including safeguarding of your health.

Pests at home also become a source of fear, especially for younger children. They disrupt routine life and discourage your children from pursuing their activities at home. You need a good mechanism for fighting with the pest problem at your home so it once again becomes the peaceful place you picture it to be.

To get control of your home back from those annoying pests, Pest Disturbers can provide complete pest prevention and control solutions for residential properties that protect them from the harms pests can cause.